Information on corporate governance

6.1 Corporate governance statement

  • The chapter no longer states that the Corporate governance statement should be reviewed by the Audit Committee.

6.2 The company's website

  • In point 1 of Section 6.2.2 now only states that the corporate governance statement should be published on the company's website. The previous requirement was to publish the corporate governance statement of the past three years.
  • A point has been added to Section 6.2.2 with the recommendation that it is not necessary to publish a list of the shareholders and proxies that have attended meetings to the company's website. The recommendation was previously under chapter 1.4 on minutes of Shareholders' meetings which has now been deleted.
  • The following has been added to point 6 of Section 6.2.2: "Information on the arrangements for the appointment of the Nomination Committee, the working procedures of the Committee and information on the Committee members. Information on Committee members shall be published at least six months before the Annual General Meeting."